We, SimpleCase are long time legal professionals. We are Attorneys, IT professionals, and Technology experts. We have many years of experience in depositions, mediations and courtrooms.

Our Mission Statement

SimpleCase strives to make litigation easier with common sense, easy to use software products.
From discovery to trial, we build products that are useful to our customers.

The SimpleCase Team:

Robert K. Finnell, Esq.

President and CEO

From a very early age Robert Finnell knew he wanted to live in a small town and represent people. After earning his law degree from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law back in 1975, Finnell set down roots in a small town 70 miles northwest of Atlanta… and that’s where he has stayed.

At SimpleCase Finnell uses his 35+ years of personal injury and courtroom experience to drive strategic thinking and product direction. Finnell is a member of the American Association for Justice and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.

William Roach

Partner & VP of Customer Relations

Bill Roach is the visionary who took SimpleCase from concept to product. Bill knew firsthand the challenges lawyers faced when using other software packages. Bill was the “expensive media consultant” lawyers hired to operate complicated software.

Bill is consumed with SimpleCase and his customers 110%. Bill truly enjoys talking with customers all over the country and all over the World. Working on new products, training, and customer support gives Bill the honor of being the face of SimpleCase and one he relishes.

“My goal is to build better products and offer better service and support than any other company. Our current clients can attest to this. We encourage dialogue with our customers. This is how we learn what our customers need, and what they want. We truly appreciate our customers.”

– Bill Roach

Dave Hesketh

Partner & Technical Operational Advisor

Dave is the kind of guy who can sit in front of a keyboard, in a dark room, coding away for hours and be completely content. When he’s not writing code, managing servers, or leading brainstorming sessions, you can usually find him learning new technology or playing video games.

Adam Latimer

Senior Systems Architect

Adam is a special breed of developer born and raised here in Georgetown, Ontario. Being an enthusiastic geek for most of his life it is natural for him to spend days in front of a keyboard banging out some of our best features. Also hailing from Sheridan College, Adam brings a strong background in design, development, and testing to the table. As long as there’s caffeine flowing and an occasional game of poker to indulge in he will continue his journey through geek-hood.

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