SimpleCase Advantages:

Admin Status Overview:
In our Admin Status Overview, the Boss gets a bird’s eye view of how many cases the firm staff have been opening and closing per month and a running total of settlements and winning courtroom verdict amounts. Watch your staff and firm’s effectiveness in real time!
Outlook Integration:
SimpleCase offers Outlook integration. When you receive case related emails it’s easy to now easily send those directly into SimpleCase and to the associated case.
Case Dashboard w/Firm Bulletin Board:
The Case Dashboard is the starting point each day. Here, you and your staff can see everything going on in the case. Upcoming meetings, appointments, tasks that need be done and a live feed from all case contacts using text messages in and out. H=Have a question for an expert? Just shoot them a text. Direct your clients to text you vs call you for basic case questions.
Calendar for Firm and Employees:
The Calendar for SimpleCase allows options for having 1 universal Calendar for the entire law firm and/or each employee to have his/her own calendar entries. Each employee can view either the complete calendar or any one individual’s upcoming events. Set appointments and reminders.
Document Creation, Templates, PDF Editing and Exhibit Prep:
Unique to SimpleCase are the tools and features in the Documents sections. Far more than a document manager. In SimpleCase we’ve brought you real features such as adding Exhibit Stickers, Bar Codes, Bates Numbering, Batch Renaming, Insert and Delete Pages, Rotate pages and/or Documents, Bookmark, Highlight, and Redactions. In addition, you can load and bookmark your Synchronized Video Depositions, and much more.
Case Security and Staff Members Roles and Permissions:
In SimpleCase the Boss can assign permissions and roles to everyone in the firm. We have made it simple to make changes, add members and make changes at any time. Every Staff member has his/her role and you can finally be in full control of your firm’s staff.
Staff Chat:
Chat directly with anyone in your office. When you need to discuss anything case related you can either send an email, make a phone call, send a phone text or get up and walk in someone else’s office (walking is good for you), however, with SimpleCase Staff Chat you have instant access to everyone in your law firm. Send a Chat, it’s simple and “simple is better”
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